We are pleased to share with you our HOURLY RATES Campaigns.

 We offer  $10 USD per agent per hour or a total of $4,000 ($10 per agent x 8 hours per day x 10 agents per day x  5 days per week) per center in a week.

 However, as a business, we also have to ensure ROI and make sure that we are getting the worth of whatever $$$ we pay the centers, so the below conditions must be met:


  1. The center must run with 10 agents daily; the payout is fixed to $4000 per center per week
  2. The center must hit the specific campaign SLA
  3. Center who fails to hit the SLA but was able to end the week between 50% - 99%, will be paid a fixed rate of $4.00 USD per agent per hour or a total of $1,600 per week per center
  4. Center who fails to hit 50% of the goal/quota, will be paid per lead at the rate dependent per campaign
  5. center who generates more than the SLA will be incentivized with commissions at the rate dependent per campaign

Please contact me to provide more details

email :

Skype : gabriel115

Thank you

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Comment by Edward 13 hours ago
Hi I have a contact center that's been in existence for over 4years. Personally I have over 10 years experience working on UK and Australian Campaign's with a Successful track record. I have three Branches with each accommodating for up to a 100 seats. Please forward me details on
Comment by Mark O'Neal Yap on Monday

Hi please send details to Thanks.

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