Hello All,


I was speaking with a couple of centers today with regards to the Inbound Campaign for which I was looking for a Center, and I was surprised with their understanding as to "How easy it is to get a inbound". A couple of centers even lured me with upfronts, (Lol, should I take them?).

As a consultant for the Client, I have a responsibility to find him a appropriate match, and here are a couple of things I check before sending a profile to the client, I am sure a lot will be surprised on this, but believe me these are just the basics to get a Inbound, and if your center doesnt fit into this, I would recommend you to work on this and then approach for a inbound, your chances of getting it will be higher.

  • How old is the center? We generally check the certificates of the centers and the domain whois record to understand, I make a website as mandatory for all inbounds. (Your Company need to be minimum 2 - 3 years old in this industry)
  • More info on Center. We check on the net for more information about the center, so we ask for a website as mandatory  for all inbound applications. ( Your company needs to have a professional website)
  • What are the current campaigns running? This, generally guides us in understanding your current executives and managerial capabilities. A SWOT analysis is generally done based on this. (Make sure you are running legal campaigns, and not illegal ones like Pharma, Collections etc.,)
  • How many campaigns did u run in last 1 year? Imagine this, you are a 35 seater center and have run around 8 campaigns in last 12 months (I am sure many have done this), and right now running 2 campaigns. It only gives me a idea that the center doesnt have managerial capabilities to handle a campaign properly. Lol, I throw the profile in the bin. (You need to work successfully on atleast 2 campaigns for more than a year) 
  • Have you actually read the post or the mailer I sent? Well, this should be the first one I guess, I have seen that more than 90% of the centers doesnt even bother to read the full mail, forget about understanding the requirements of the clients. The first thing a center asks is what is the payout (heights of stupidity i guess) (Please read the full mails and posts and if u think your company can handle it, only then respond back, if u think u cant, dont ask for more details just for the heck of it)

Well, these are just few basics needed to get a inbound, there are a lot of other factors too which we consider before shortlisting a center, I cant share all, but I guess these few points will tell you why we dont shortlist many companies. And amoungst the shortlisted centers, the competition is very tough, and the decision is taken by the client and not be me, of selecting a center, we just guide him to find a appropriate match.  


I would request and recommend the centers to put themselves in the shoes of the client and ask a simple question "Will I give my Inbound to this center?" That should do it.



Swapneal Rathi 

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Thanx for Information
Good try

Thank you very much, Swapneal.  This guideline is really very helpful for a call center owner who is working towards being eligible for inbound accounts.


now thats something i call master stroke.......

I can offer complete inbound servicing for $5.95 an hour per rep in the Philippines. All inclusive. No upfront fees and funds are all secure and will only be charged accordingly to the work completed. Please let me know if you are interested. Regards, Mikael Marczak 866-686-8050*222 or

Hi thanks for the post,
But matter of fact is whenever center tries to get an inbound project no matter how good are we ,always have to shell out money either for upfront or in the form of royalty to get direct client . Why not client get the recording and then if approved can check the operational and swan or swot analysis.

Certifications are mere an approval letters , we all know in India. Many centers with dot and osp don't have parameter knowledge may it be ASA AHT AWT SLA AR productivity or abandon and line adherence etc but still achieved inbound. Surprise. Why not check how it works with one who are experienced in the same domain and have expertise level. when quality center tries to approach for inbound always have to share large expenses beside providing service and set up. it gets hard if the company is handled by in house director like transition management.

I really appreciate your they and methods of approach hope it would prove fruitful

Thanks and Regards,
Mr. Sagar Zilpe
Director B.D.H
DevLP IServ Private Limited
Well Sagar,

I guess you are not dealing with clients then, you are dealing with mediators who are taking advantage of your lack of knowledge on doing a due diligence of the mediator or the client. Certificates..... except DOT, which is equivalent to a license for running a call center legally in India, most of the clients are not bothered abt others. Lol, and many centers in INDIA doesnt even know that DOT is needed or mandatory to have a legal call center running.

Why will a client check or do a trial run, that would be ridiculous, its not outbound, where it can be tested.
And due diligence is something which brings the centers true colors in front of the Client and thus he makes a informed decision.

Have you ever thought of getting a due diligence of the client or mediator done, before proceeding further.... that would answer your question.

Swapneal Rathi


   I thought to post genuinely as to Discuss what I experienced socially,

     First thing All the campaigns that I have at my different centre are with direct client now, but to get them I had to pay consultancy charge That is the fact no consultant would ever work or provide you information for free. This is the truth you have to accept. Even if it is Outbound. Not most of the clients do disclose the campaign instead they hire vendors in return get the consultants adjoined.  Correct me If I am wrong.

    Secondly, Getting due Diligence is the thing why I survive in this industry, all consultants and their companies try to defend each other. Under the banner No consultancy, (Sign Up charges is quoted at bottom somewhere with royalty in most cases!!!  LOL  :) ).

       Some who try to get new things like training charges(?) and other recurring expenses happens  (client quality audit team ??? ) to exist, 


  EVERYONE IN CONSULTANCY BUSINESS IS THERE TO RIP OFF THE CENTRE FOR THE MONEY, Same like hungry wolf must say, WE(DIRECT CENTRE) PEOPLE WORK TO EARN . Consultants try to get royalty from monthly billings that too with fat big numbers, would you not agree on this. they demand N number of things unexpectde once money is given they are in mode WHO ARE YOU?


       Most of them who would not be concerned to any of the consultant would except it(Truly telling) . Those who are concerned with consultant or consultancies, with respect to billing or project to consultant or consultancy, might NOT ACCEPT IT ON FRONT END but the back end truth is something cannot be hidden under DUE DILIGENCE .


        Its nothing personal or that I am trying to point you in any way, but indeed the platform that you gave is really appreciable would also we all would highly appreciate if you check for the quality centres and who really are capable and have experienced set of guys must help them to get project. If any CALL CENTRE company earns from someone (Consultant/Consultancy) indeed would  reward that person for sure.


         Mostly consultancy now a days is chain business for example, before few days after submission of all certificates and docs for company, one person had called me up for U.K Inbound with client visit arranged directly to centre but sign up charges INR 18L  and travel expense of INR2L was expected on same day. when we proposed them to get this amount from monthly billing in written and with all due security. the answer I got was "I have 7 people in link line so on my part i am assured but on all others part I dont think would be possible" This is one of the example.


        In this many years there I have got lot many, but not to discuss here. What I want to point out here is that A Centre is always like a piece of attraction for all outsourcing agent to shell out the money, If Company, like you(Campaign Provider)  can initiate to check and get us connected with clients after due check, you perform, would be really a great opportunity for us. We all would help you in the best way possible, infact it would   create a revolution to provide the best most service and would help projects land in India rather than going to any other country.


        We appreciate your steps and would expect all good would happen for client and centre from your efforts.

Best wishes for your Movement and all support for all Good cause you would make.


Thanks and Regards,
Mr. Sagar Zilpe
Director B.D.H
DevLP IServ Private Limited

Hi there,


Thanks for taking this discussion forward, I would appreciate if many more people can join this.


Firstly, You are wrong on saying that every consultant charges upfront or royalty, I know many does, but not all, I can call myself as a consultant, and I dont charge anything from the Center, we bill the Clients, either royalty (Over and above the centers commission) or one time consultancy fees per center referred and active for a certain period. And I am sure I have not invented this idea, there are many following this model. No other hidden charges, Training, the client has to take care of it, as no one has the product knowledge as much as he has and we ask him to provide us a trainer (online) who takes the training. Onsite training - I dont recommend to anyone, neither I have ever done an onsite training coz costs are involved in it, and even if I ask the center train tickets, it will be a foolish thing, coz its like giving an opportunity to the center to blame us of taking upfronts. So we only do online training which is free, Any other expenses - absolutely nothing. We need a inhouse quality team in the center, but we have never referred or recommended any guy or person from our end, its centers responsibility to have a quality audit team not ours. We give quality parameters to follow, but not quality team. 


Secondly, Due diligence - If its failed, why do u ask for explaination? You just dont work with him, thats simple. And believe me there are many clients with us whose due diligence has failed and with whom we work on advance payout models, or a escrow system which works for both client and center.


I am only a year old in this industry, so probably I might not have had bad experiences, but I guess, it is because whenever in doubt I openly discuss the issues with the client and let him know the facts which are in front of me and then make a informed decision   of whether getting centers for him or not. There are many direct clients on this website who wanted us to get centers for them, and I denied as their due diligence failed, and a couple are working on the advance payout model.


With all the inbounds, the client takes care of all the expenses and they pay advance, logically when they are willing to pay you advance of some lakhs of rupees, why would they ask for travelling expenses worth just a few thousands. And Centers dont realise that the Clients need us more than we need them, bt centers are more desperate to get the process at any cost, and then get fooled. we cant blame consultants for this. Centers are openly inviting fraudsters and scammers, Arent they?  I am sure you do realise that Inbound is not a consultants decision, its a Clients decision and a consultant just provides him information to make this decision.


If any consultant says I have a Inbound and its yours for xxxxx amount, its a open fraud, and even after knowing this centers want to jump in, we cant help them, Can we?


"A Centre is always like a piece of attraction for all outsourcing agent to shell out the money." Thats not true,  Take this, I have outsourced different campaigns to around 200 + centers and all of them work with direct client, and not me (Except Comwave in Canada and Startel in Aus, where I am a authorised dealer for these companies). I have negotiated my deal with the clients and should get my royalty from them, believe me till date all my centers are paid (directly from the client) and my commissions just vanish in thin air, I am getting paid just for around 30 centers. Whom should I blame?


Lets keep this discussion restricted to qualifications for an inbound center.

And I would expect a lot more replies on this from others too.



Swapneal Rathi, 



Hi, wow this is a good discussion board, I thought of leaving my thoughts too.

Even though I am not into an inbound outsourcing and will never get into one, I have been into the industry for enough time to understand how different people work differently.

I think swapneal you are being too judgmental about people who charge upfront just because you don't work on that particular model doesnt mean those who do are all frauds. You can stereotype people along the same lines.

Different people have different strategies of working things out, some people want to be able to earn continuously from the royalty and some just would take an amount upfront and leave the center with the client. Just like you said taking royalty from the centers is not an easy task and sometimes clients don't agree with certain terms in such cases its better that consultants play fair.

And I know for a fact that many outsourcers or consultants today are not really a consultant, they own a center and start outsourcing to make some profit. So Centers have to diligently do all the checks, meet the people in person, take a bank guarantee and use their own methods of checking the clients out if they don't want to be a victim of fraud practices.

This is just my personal view no hard intentions towards anyone. I am open to others views on this? What others think?
Are all who take upfront or consultancy fee frauds?

Hey there,


Thanks for the reply, and no hard feelings coz its a good discussion going on.

You are right in saying that I am being judgemental abt people charging upfronts, and that comes from speaking with many of the outsourcers including some pretty big names who call themselves as "Guru's" of BPO Industry, none of them agree to take the upfront from the advance or after billing, and they expect the centers to trust their BG, but if the center wants to give a BG for upfront, they just nod their head and run away.


Though I m not a Business graduate (or even a graduate for that reason) my logical reasoning tells me a simple thing on this, and thats wat I call being judgemental. I dont deny that there are good outsourcers who do give campaigns and charge upfronts, but for Inbounds, I guess they all are well cooked stories, Amoungst 4700+ members here on Campaign Provider, there are more than 300 who have been posting Inbound campaigns with upfronts, since its inception, and these include the biggest. Now do you think I can get a single center who has paid upfront ti these and is working on a inbound campaign right now, hmmmmm. I dont have the answer for that, I guess the members here might have it. 


Cheers, and keep the discussion going.



Swapneal Rathi


It's a good discussion to keep people aware of the thing and understand the reality..

I wonder why people always prefer to pay upfront and any other charges to take the process...

I am just looking everyone is ready to pay something but missed the some other sections of quality and productivity and other scenarios.. Most of them expecting to earn a huge money in short term but the truth is money is most worth for client also ..

I have seen many process where the consultants either companies coming with huge margins where it's more than 3 or 4L margin only for 5 or 10 seats capacity but the fact is it would not be going to happen practically we aware of that even though we would follow that...

I hope Frauds or fakers are not coming we are creating them.. If any new project inquiry comes whats will be our first question what's the payout? secondly is there any charges to take up the process? and most of them forgetting to arise the question what qualification needed from us?

It's true that as Mr. Sagar Zilpe said we are in position to pay something to run our business but how long we need to pay like so? Some of us got payment in that process too but ever we watched back of us how many of them closed or run away from the business?

and as Mr. Sagar Zilpe said kindly concentrate on the qualified centers where they have necessary certifications and infrastructure and everything it makes client happy and it create chances to bring some more  process to our country.  Might be certifications are not must to client but it's helps to know the grade of centers....

I appreciate this discussion keep going......



Sasikumar Ramasamy


Mob: +919500720033

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