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I was speaking with a couple of centers today with regards to the Inbound Campaign for which I was looking for a Center, and I was surprised with their understanding as to "How easy it is to get a inbound". A couple of centers even lured me with upfronts, (Lol, should I take them?).

As a consultant for the Client, I have a responsibility to find him a appropriate match, and here are a couple of things I check before sending a profile to the client, I am sure a lot will be surprised on this, but believe me these are just the basics to get a Inbound, and if your center doesnt fit into this, I would recommend you to work on this and then approach for a inbound, your chances of getting it will be higher.

  • How old is the center? We generally check the certificates of the centers and the domain whois record to understand, I make a website as mandatory for all inbounds. (Your Company need to be minimum 2 - 3 years old in this industry)
  • More info on Center. We check on the net for more information about the center, so we ask for a website as mandatory  for all inbound applications. ( Your company needs to have a professional website)
  • What are the current campaigns running? This, generally guides us in understanding your current executives and managerial capabilities. A SWOT analysis is generally done based on this. (Make sure you are running legal campaigns, and not illegal ones like Pharma, Collections etc.,)
  • How many campaigns did u run in last 1 year? Imagine this, you are a 35 seater center and have run around 8 campaigns in last 12 months (I am sure many have done this), and right now running 2 campaigns. It only gives me a idea that the center doesnt have managerial capabilities to handle a campaign properly. Lol, I throw the profile in the bin. (You need to work successfully on atleast 2 campaigns for more than a year) 
  • Have you actually read the post or the mailer I sent? Well, this should be the first one I guess, I have seen that more than 90% of the centers doesnt even bother to read the full mail, forget about understanding the requirements of the clients. The first thing a center asks is what is the payout (heights of stupidity i guess) (Please read the full mails and posts and if u think your company can handle it, only then respond back, if u think u cant, dont ask for more details just for the heck of it)

Well, these are just few basics needed to get a inbound, there are a lot of other factors too which we consider before shortlisting a center, I cant share all, but I guess these few points will tell you why we dont shortlist many companies. And amoungst the shortlisted centers, the competition is very tough, and the decision is taken by the client and not be me, of selecting a center, we just guide him to find a appropriate match.  


I would request and recommend the centers to put themselves in the shoes of the client and ask a simple question "Will I give my Inbound to this center?" That should do it.



Swapneal Rathi 

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Hello! Please let me know how I may help your company,


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Actually more than half of the people who respond to the ads do not own a center. They get info and starting looking for centers. The end result is that the working call center will have 2 middlemen between. 

Thank you so much for sharing this. I believe it will definitely help us to understand more about getting inbound campaigns.


This is Symon from Telemusketeers, hope you are doing fine. As per concern we have a call center with 40 seats with very well trained agents and doing MCA, DME, ISP inbound and couple of pharmacy campaigns of US/UK since 2011. We have worked with Medicare and Divvy Dose pharmacy who used to provide mail order service. We are highly interested to work on your campaign and besides would like to ensure you that we can provide a best quality service. Our contact number - +1 3215944277, 8801687833253. email
Above all, looking for your kind reply.

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