I noticed that the people involved in outsourcing usually feel insecure and unsafe because of following reasons
• The service provider disappears after taking the advance payment.
• After completion the project, the project creator didn’t pay.
• In call center field, there are many consultants who take upfront from the call center for a fake process. The center pays the upfront and consultant gives them some process whose billing never comes.
• There are also many frauds who pay for some items through paypal and once they received the item, they chargeback the money. The buyer gets the money in few days. In most of the cases paypal does indeed sides with the buyer.

And you can't do anything, as there is no law which covers the whole world.

I am very curious to know your views about this idea. And its very simple, just use the "Like The Concept" and "Dislike The Concept" button on the HomePage to vote it.


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Hi Sandeep, 


   I can sit with you online, do my bit to help you not become a prey for the fraud in the industry. There  are few ways to track which is genuine and which is not. Add me on Skype: abdulgani.mohammed if you wish to discuss. I voted like anyways.



Abdul Gani

To track these kind of people I developed a website
good work bro....

sandeep said:
To track these kind of people I developed a website

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