We are a UK Telecoms Company who are looking for Call Centres 

You will be rewarded with a great Commission Package if you have the capibilities and can show us that you have the very High Quality Perameters that we set for Centre. 


1.... We are not looking for inbound centre

2.    There are 2 Projects - One which is commission per connection and the other is per seat     

       When you first join as a partner you will be placed on the commission per connection project first

       and  then when we satisfied that your centre reaches our high quality parameters we will offer you

       a per seat project    


3     Dialler Data and Voip would be purchased by the centre.

       Targeted Data for this project can be purchased from us at Cost price. Please contact for details  

All Centres enquiring will be asked to complete an NDA and enquiry form which should be sent with an profile of the centre prior to any discussion


Any interested centres please post below with

1. The name of the Enquring person

2  Company/Business name

3.  Address of Business

4. Contact Telephone number

5. Skype Details

6. Email address

We will only speak to people on Skype

Anyone enquiring about Inbound need not enquire 

Thankyou and Look forward to hearing from you

Paul Marks

Surecall Telecoms (UK) Limited


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I am interested in this campaign and I have an experience of doing Telecom campaign.

Here is the contact details.

1. The name of the Enquring person: Zuhaib

2  Company/Business name: RB Communications

3.  Address of Business: Barkat Market, Lahore, Pakistan

4. Contact Telephone number: 00923214264892

5. Skype Details: zohaibsahab

6. Email address:

Waiting for your prompt reply.


Hi this is Pavan from India (Bangalore) please send me the details to my mail
Thanks and Regards
B V Pavan

1. The name of the Enquring person-  Wesley Chetty

2  Company/Business name- Northside Enterprises

3.  Address of Business- 577 Main Road, Queensburgh, Durban, South Africa

4. Contact Telephone number- +27 61 752 4407 or +27 31 940 1998

5. Skype Details- Wesley Chetty

6. Email address-


Can you please provide me with your skype details as requested

Kind Regards

Paul Marks

Pavan said:

Hi this is Pavan from India (Bangalore) please send me the details to my mail
Thanks and Regards
B V Pavan

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