Looking for centers for easiest US & UK survey.

Direct client sign-up.

No middle-person involved so no pre or post payments. No royalty.

Calling data provided.

Successful & easy money making process running live in many centers all over india. 

If interested, please leave your email here and I will send you more information on how to proceed from here.

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share details

Thank you

please see our webiste

best regards
Infinite Contact Solutions

Kind Regards

Simon Jacobs

This is John Mañosca on behalf of Hexagon Outsource. We would like to offer our services for Customer Service, Technical Support, Telesales & Appointment Setting Services. My team are very professionals, well-trained, we all have an experience for both inbound and outbound with a minimum of 1 year experience in the BPO industry. Hope to hear from you soon.
E-mail & Skype:

Can you share details on
If you are located in India, USA or Canada our partners can meet you personally an d discuss

Hi Simon

I have been trying to find the Skype Contact you provided in one of the other posts. Could you provide it to me please

Kind Regards

Paul Marks

Simon Jacobs said:

Kind Regards

Simon Jacobs

Send me details

y name is kirk manahan and my email is

hi there,

please send the details -


please send the details


please send me the details of the process, i am interested in this:

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