We have one of the best and easiest UK Outbound Process wherein we are paying centers at hourly basis 8 pound per seat per hour and the payment would be on a daily basis.The process is very simple and very easy too as currently we have center who are already working on the campaign and are hitting good sales on a regular basis . center would get 8 pound per agent per hour so center will be earning 56 pound per day per agents. Lucrative incentives are also available if the center performs well.Leeds and Voip are available once center start performing. Centers who are interested can send us a mail at with UK HOURLY PAY as a subject and we will send them the process details at the earliest. Please be advised that we are not charging any Upfront or Fees for the said project centers who willing to start the campaign and get us 10 skilled agents for screening and once approved will process the center further. Please be also aware that we are not a mediator or Outsourcer for project but rather we are the direct client. Thanks and Regards

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We request centre to either mail us at or share there email id here so that we can send them the process details

Hi, can you share the details in this email id:

I have 10 agent  t3ell me more detail  skype.  kingclaude78  email  

Please send details to Email / Skype:

Hi! This is Cristina Pabiona from BGCOMM CONTACT SOLUTIONS, as Business Development Director our company is currently looking for a partner or vendor that can help us regarding on outsourcing. We have 200 active agents and 5000 seats available.

We have proven success in helping businesses to reduce overheads and increase efficiency by off-shoring labor without eliminating the day-to-day management of your staff.

skype: live: cristinapabiona19.bgcomm

Good day 
email adress does comes back as error 

sarfaraz ahmed said:

We request centre to either mail us at or share there email id here so that we can send them the process details

kindly message me tru skype im interested live: ghieramilo.bgcomm

please send me the details on

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