Campaigns would be provided by ASD Marketing.  These campaigns range from California, Arizona, Utah, Virginia & Chicago.  Our responsibility would be to provide offshore call centers with valid campaigns that can help grow your company. 

Call center responsibility would be to provide quality tours for our clients.  You would need to have a call center that is already up and running.  You will be responsible for providing your own leads.  You would also be responsible for your own dialer.  You would need to have a system that is capable of recording calls as well.

Compensation for qualified tours would be $200 per tour.  There is no hourly pay available for any of these assignments.  Payment would be weekly on Friday through Paypal.  There are incentives available when certain quotas are met and this can be discussed during our initial call.


These are the complete details of our timeshare campaigns so when replying to this post  please understand that these are our terms.  Please do not contact me asking for more information.  Contact me if your call center is ready to dial.  Please provide me a Skype ID so we can connect and help grow your company.

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Tell me more about the campaign please

Prince_caesar6 on skype

Hi ! We have a 80 seater and looking for opportunities. Kindly write to us on 919822081346.



Hello there.I'm the CEO of T.A.G Marketing a call center and tele-sales company based in Pakistan that specializes in US Time Share campaigns and have been working with various Time Share companies based off of Florida,Texas,Massachusetts,Alabama,Illinois,South Carolina & New York.
And are looking for a fresh Time Share campaign with reasonable offers.You can get back with me at:

Skype :  murtazakhillgi


Email : 

Hey, you haven't paid me $800. This is a scam alert to everyone here. This person didn't pay me after giving him 8 tours!

Scam alert to all center owners here!!! This man named Michael Watson failed to pay me $800 after giving him 8 tours. We have been chasing these payments from him since September. This guy is using ASD Marketing, Gold Marketing and Emerge Marketing to scam people!!! He even changed his name into Max Freugel to hide from people that he scammed. 

Michael Watson is not a SCAM he paid us our 7 shows before......He is a great Man

Well for you. But not for us, there are a lot more centers here with same complain against him.

I have evidence that he started avoiding us. I can show some pictures of our conversation.

This is the person that you all need to avoid.

Well, if this what you call a great man then all great men avoid paying their responsibilities. He is showing online but never had an attempt to reply since September, he is really a great man!

Daniel G. Agbunag said:

Michael Watson is not a SCAM he paid us our 7 shows before......He is a great Man

My name is Renato Sidro CEO of REN BPO SOLUTIONS and we are 6 years experience on timeshare account here in the Philippines. We have 140 seats working right now and i'm looking forward to do business with you please contact me below thanks.


TFN: 877-290-5355

Skype ID: renbposolutions 

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